Dryers, annealing furnaces

Drying-annealing furnaces regarding their functions are classed in the following three main groups:

Further viewpoints of the classification of the subject equipment may be the following:

  • means of heating (electric, natural gas, pb gas, gas-infra)
  • operation aspect (manual system, machine driven sectional, machine driven continuous)
  • method of heating (direct, indirect)

Our equipment are of special design as well such as:

  • tub system water dryer type (water drying unit of tub type pre-treatment lines)
  • „A” type of annealing furnace (for continuous operation)
  • KTL paint annealing furnace
  • pre-heating furnace (in case of floating type of powder coating)
  • water drying-annealing in one unit (for small volume with manual systems)

Our furnaces are always designed according to the given specific tasks. In case of mainly small volumes and low capacity, electric heating of furnace is worth applying, however it is not economical with larger dimensions.

Our dryers-furnaces are of galvanised sheet type insulated panels, whereas the thickness of insulation varies between 50 and 250 mm according to the heat temperature applied. The material of the insulation over 80oC is of mineral wool and is usually made of a minimum 100 mm thick material. Below 80oC, the units are usually made of foam-insulated panels. That is a simpler structural design and is more advantageous in price too.

The dryers and furnaces are linked with electric of gas-operated air heating units. According to the applied air heating unit, the furnace, the location and the given situation, it can be placed on either side of the furnace as well as underneath or on its top. Gas-operated air heater may be produced in direct and indirect designs. Direct units are typically installed in cases of “A” types of furnaces only.

Our dryers and furnaces all bear the Fire Protection Compliance Certificates issued by the GÉPMI.