Water drying equipment

The drying of the work pieces following pre-treatment is done in the ware-drying unit. The design of the water-dryer is according to the given tasks therefore it can be of tub type or common tunnel type. The temperature needed for the drying, in most cases is provided by an air heater of gas operation, however, a smaller capacity water-dryer can also be operated by electric energy. The inlet fan of the air heater exhausts the air from the inside of the dryer and forwards it to the air technique pipe inside the furnace through the air heating inlet. The furnace is equipped with a temperature sensor which detects the current temperature. The temperature controller, reaching the set temperature, stops the heating. In case of any defect of the fan, the air-flow sensor immediately stops the heating. The temperature in the water dryer is usually between 90 and 110 ℃. The structure is of an individual galvanised sheet panel design and is equipped with 100-150 mm mineral wool insulation. If the water dryer is not of continuous operation, then it is equipped with either manual or pneumatic door which catches the outstreaming hot air. With continuous operation, this task is provided by an integrated air curtain at the input and output sides.

A water separator may consist of the following man and auxiliary units:
  • Galvanised sheets insulated structure
  • Air heating unit with fan (electric or gas operated)
  • Internal air technique system
  • Exhaust discharge air technique system with regulating shutters
  • Regulating shutter
  • Discharge fan
  • Control cabinet
  • Manual or pneumatic doors
  • Air curtain blinds with fan (only with equipment of continuous operation)
  • Support stand
  • Internal conveyor support steel structure