Material forwarding systems, conveyors

The material flow between the individual units is done by material forwarding systems, conveyors. Conveyors are designed and produced in the range from the simple manually operated ones to the complete PLC-controlled P&F line system ones. The equipment served have their steel support structure either as integrated in the equipment or outside of them supporting legs are built for the suspension of the conveyor line.

By the help of the straight line elements and those vertical and eaves ones, any line design can be provided.

The conveyor lines can be of lower and upper tracks, manual or machine systems with individual designs (P&F) within the range of machine-driven ones.

As an auxiliary solution to manual systems, we can offer auxiliary chain material handling units which, at certain devices of the manual lines, provides machine-driven handling.

One of the special material moving equipment is the elevator crane. Elevator cranes are used as material moving devices at tub type of pre-treatment systems with either manual or machine (PLC) control.