Manual material forwarding systems, conveyors

Manual conveyors are economically integrated at smaller volumes, hired painting or with larger size work pieces. With the straight line elements and horizontal eaves, any design can be provided.

An auxiliary unit of manual systems can be the cross line section. By the help of that, mainly long work pieces can be moved without turning the around since the conveyor line needs no eaves to be installed. In such case, the support beam of the work pieces needs to be pushed up on a cross line section and the cross line can be adjusted in the appropriate position. Its feature is that a storage section can be created anywhere. One of its special designs is the round-switch cross line which is an ideal solution with higher load bearing capacity. With a round- switch cross line, there is not any special cross line element but only the carriage of the work piece support beam is turned by the round-shift. Therefore it can move not only in x but in y direction as well. The switch can be completed by a pneumatic system as well.

The manual conveyors need to be suspended on a supporting steel structure. At the individual units, the conveyor is suspended on supporting legs on the units. The suspension can also be provided so that the conveyor is loaded on the steel structure of the building, however, its feasibility needs to be checked and approved by the static engineer in charge of the building.

A manual conveyor line may consist of the following main and auxiliary units:
  • Straight conveyor line element
  • Horizontal eaves
  • Cross line
  • Round-switch cross line
  • Line sectional switch
  • Round-switch
  • Support steel structure
  • Conveyor carriage
  • Work piece support beam