Certificate for companies with highest financial stability

Bisnode International Business Qualification Company carries out the qualification of companies’ financial stability and business reliability on the basis of a qualification system which was established by international experts and which continuously measured, controlled and approved. That is how our company S-ELEKTROSZINTER KFT. was selected as one of the financially most stable companies. Based on that, our company falls in 9.82% of those Hungarian business entities which stand on the most stable financial ground having one type of the Bisnode certificates.

It is our great honour to be among the best based on the objective business qualification of Bisnode. We keep paying great amount of attention to acting honestly on the market, therefore, it is one of our priorities, as it has also been highlighted by external experts, to be operating with a significantly low risk of insolvency. We believe that by the help of the Bisnode Certificate {Bisnode certificate} we can further raise the confidence of our suppliers and employees which tend to become more and more important in long term, stable business relationships. The fact that Bisnode as an independent expert has honoured the stability of our company refers to the message saying we are on track in building the company. Since the qualification of our company was based strictly on the professional aspects and considering that it is not optional to candidate or apply for such qualification, the Bisnode Certificate positively distinguish our company on the market.

S-ELEKTROSZINTER KFT. was awarded the Bisnode AAA (“triple A”) certificate, which is obtained by only 0.63% of all the companies in Hungary. This clearly marks that building a business relationship with us carries an extraordinarily low financial risk.

The basis of the Bisnode Certificate is the {Bisnode qualification} which has been used as basic for qualifying companies based on their financial reliability on international level since 1908. The Bisnode Certificate, which is issued with AAA, AA or A marking reflects the companies’ stability as well as the fact that by bearing such markings – i.e. the Bisnode Certificate - the companies concerned is in fact financially stable. AAA company qualification was introduced in 1989 and companies have been given the chance for presenting their business reliability in the form of such certification since 1996. The certificate provides the opportunity for the eligible companies to present their entity for others as a respected, reliable and credible company. The Bisnode certificate is widely used in various countries across Europe, whereas, in Scandinavian countries, it is considered as a standard in signing business contracts.

The Bisnode certificate is based on relevant data sourcing from the documentations, records and archives of the Ministry of Justice, the company court, National Tax Authority and other relevant authorities concerned. Besides the data from official sources, the certificate integrates all financial information featuring the subject company including balance sheet data, profit and loss statements and trends. The qualification takes into consideration the demographic data of the company or organisation i.e. the age of them, their operations, size, owners as well as their interrelations. From the data of willingness to pay experience program, the Bisnode integrates in the qualification whether the company tends to pay their liabilities on time, with delays that is with what payment tendency. Apart from the foregoing, various other relevant data are gathered and added by the system to complete the Bisnode qualification such as data from execution proceedings or press releases.

Since the Bisnode qualification does not only show the current financial stability of our company but, thanks to the set up of the Bisnode Certificate, also the projection on how likely our company is to become insolvent during the next coming year; we are proud to state that S-ELEKTROSZINTER KFT. is remaining to be a stable player on the market in the future.

Dynamic domestic SMEs have been awarded Pegazus Award for the sixth time

The high ranking Pegazus Award as a prize for the most dynamically developing domestic small and medium size enterprises honours those SMEs this year again which produced excellent economic performance. The award is given by one of Europe’s leading digital business information provider: Enterprise Investors, a private and risk capital management company; and Bisnode, one of Europe’s leading digital information providing companies.

Díjazottjaink és kategória győzteseink

Those awarded and category award winners are winners of „ASPIRING" category

In the Western-Hungarian Region, the winner of the category was S-ELEKTROSZINTER Kft. The company deals with manufacturing of painting technology equipment and produced a yearly average of over 260 % sales income increase in the period between 2011 and 2013.