Cyclonic-separation powder blast cabinet

The powder blast cabinet can be built up of plate elements. The plates can be of black sheet in plastic powder blest design or simply of plastic sheets. The exhaust of the air in the cabinet is provided by the air duct placed on the bottom of the cabinet. This air duct is directly connected to a cyclonic separator unit, while the cyclonic separator unit is connected to a filter-operated separator with refined filter. The high pressure fan, through the two separators (cyclonic and filter) exhausts the over sprayed amount of powder paint in the cabinet.

Cyclone is of dry operation (mechanic) single gear, suction operated powder separation device working based on centrifugal force. The air accumulated with powder gets to the cyclone elements through a pipeline. In the cyclone element, the air moving together with the powder and being pressed on the wall of the cyclone by the centrifugal force, sinks downwards in a spiral line in the cylinder part. The accumulated powder is discharged at the conical part to a powder collector tank. The air flows from the cyclone to the filter separator unit, whereas the air gets completely cleaned from the residual powder. The cleaned air is blown back to the room by the fan. In its structure and operation, the filter separation unit is similar to those of a powder blasting cabinet. The only difference is that there is no direct powder blasting but the air accumulated with fine powder arrives through an air technique from the cyclone. For the description of the filter separator unit please see the description of the filter powder blasting cabinet.

A cyclonic separation powder blast cabinet may consist of the following man and auxiliary units:
  • Powder blast (or plastic) sheets structure
  • Multi-cyclone powder collector with discharge piece, sub-supporting frame and tangential head
  • Filter type of separator unit structure
  • Filter
  • Filter cleaning device
  • Exhaust fan (high pressure type)
  • Attenuator
  • Control unit with EU-standard of handling devices
  • Air-flow sensor
  • Air preparatory unit
  • Connecting air techniques