Axial fans


AThe Falax-AVM type fans are axial wall-mounted ventilation fans. Special versions of them are the fans marked „CS”, which are tubular fans and can be installed in pipelines. The wall-mounted fans are appropriate for the ventilation of all such spaces where sufficient air supplied is provided. The characteristic curve of wall-mounted vents is steep on the section recommended for use; therefore the resistance of the system altering from the plans hardly influences the air transfer (volume flow rate). They are appropriate for ventilation, depending on the number of air-exchange, from approx. 50-100 m3 to a few thousands of m3 size products. In case of applying several units at a time, the ventilation of even a larger room can be provided.

Typical fields of application:

  • industrial production halls
  • warehouses
  • business facilities
  • kitchens
  • agricultural buildings
  • cooling houses
  • granaries etc.

The wall-mounted ventilation fans are appropriate for only transferring clean atmospheric air and cannot contain any polluting, dusty, acid type of materials and explosive vapours. The temperature of the medium transferred can be typically between -20 ℃ and +40 ℃.

The desired air-exchange is completed when the supply of fresh air in place of the exhausted air is provided. In order to reach good ventilation of the space concerned, the air needs to flush through the space thoroughly. Therefore, the supply of air needs to be provided by a fan on the opposite wall. Some wall-mounted ventilation remains ineffective because the air supply for the fan is provided on the same side so it operates with so-called shortcut and it keeps circulating the air only in a small part of the space.

In the heating season, the exhausted air may remove a significant amount of heat as well. Therefore it is necessary to supply heating of the exhausted amount of air.

The case of the fans consists of a square catch board, a cone transfer part and a cylindrical extension part. The impeller of the fan rotates in the cylindrical house. The motor plate fixed to the house is on the external side. The fan house is designed all over of steel sheet, in a welded method. The drive motor is placed on the air flow side of the unit. The impeller is mounted directly on the shaft of the motor and therefore is located at the back of the motor, in the cyclindrical part of the house. Mounting of the impeller shall always be preceded by balancing.

Wall-mounted ventilators can be operated with both horizontal and vertical shafts.

The „Cs”-marked tubular fans are also made of steel sheet with a house fitted with tubular flange suitable for connecting on both sides.